Why Do I Feel Worthless?

I Feel Worthless

Why Do I Feel Worthless?

Do you ever ask yourself Why Do I Feel Worthless? Or something similar, or maybe sometimes you just feel like nobody cares about anything you do or say?

Our main goal here is to identify the problem and provide you with what i feel like is a sure-fire method (or at least it has been for me) to change that. Hey if you feel worthless then it definitely wont hurt to pay attention and as a result see if we can overcome that today.

My experience with feeling worthless was in my younger years as i had always been a drifter just floating around my world. No responsibilities, no commitments, no goals, no plans, no vision and waking up every day for no real reason. I had a lot of fun in these times, partying, hooking up with girls, fighting, getting high, the list goes on.

However there would always be that moment of clarity in which thoughts like; These people aren’t my friends. I haven’t achieved anything. There’s more to life. I’m wasting my time. Why Do I Feel Worthless? The list goes on. Are these things that run through your mind now?

Despite the fun i was having. Those moments of clarity were a window into my soul. While i was mentally and physically stimulated from my actions and the goings on in my life. My existence was far from spiritually stimulated. Which in my opinion is a major contributor in feeling worthless. When i started this new chapter in my journey that feeling of worthlessness was soon replaced with real purpose.

How Do I Stop Feeling Worthless?

I am sure you are tired of asking yourself Why Do I Feel Worthless and the like? As i said at the start i’ve done this myself hence i have made this video for you.

Why Do I Feel Worthless

Ok, we’ve set the premise so now let’s discuss How To Stop Feeling Worthless. 

The real key to eliminating your feeling of worthlessness is finding a real purpose. Not only a purpose for your own life but one that serves and helps others in their growth and enlightenment. Taking action with a purpose that’s bigger than just you automatically builds a community around you.

Any resource, any tool and any opportunity you share with the world will be used. Whether by one or many, if you are providing for others. They will show up.

For example if you are a painter. People may appreciate your work but then move on and not show any real interest in you as a person. If however you started a painting class in your spare time and taught others how to paint, they would be grateful for your existence.

I Feel Worthless

Don’t have that kind of time? How about a blog or youtube channel that does the same thing?

How about starting a foundation or charity for young rap artists? Or a youtube channel, podcast, blog that helps other rap artists out? Something that builds a community with a mutual purpose. You will find many on your journey that will want to help you out and show real interest in you and your time.

It’s easy for us to focus on our own purposes or even not have one at all. However if we are not out there giving to the world, helping others make progress and become better at their own lives. It’s a no brainer as to why people don’t pay any attention to you or spend any prolonged attention to you.

How To Make People Care

Now of course it isn’t as simple as putting yourself out there to help for a few reasons:

  • You don’t know how to help efficiently yet
  • You don’t know what people need yet

So i recommend dedicating your time in the next few months to studying how you can be the best version of yourself. This can be a mix of reading, watching videos, listening to audios and going out there and experimenting. You can find a lot of solid articles here that will change the game for you for example:

How To Use Your Animal Instinct

How To Deal With Anxiety

How To Be A Better Person

There are plenty of other articles here at Esskimo.COM so take your time and really go through this material.

Hopefully this article has helped you on your way to incredible self worth, if you appreciated this post please do choose to share this with others so we can spark a larger change in people of the world. We need it now more than ever!

Want to share your story? Please do comment below!


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