How I Went From Selling Cocaine & Bar Fighting To Running A Successful Marketing Brand Online

How I Went From Selling Cocaine & Bar Fighting To Running A Successful Marketing Brand Online

I’ve always been someone who didn’t fit in to any definitive place in life, there was the Cool Kids, but i didn’t care what people thought of me enough to fit in. The geeks, i liked some of the stuff they liked but i was too much trouble to fit in. There was the in-betweeners, who kind of rode both lines and were cool with both sides and then there was the big trouble kids who i resonated with the most but i still had a good heart so opted out of some things they would do.

I never had a particular group of friends, i don’t have any ‘Day Ones’ to speak of, truth is i just didn’t fit in, i would bounce around from group to group ultimately bored of doing the same things all the time. I always was convinced i had some kind of ADD but nowadays i feel like i was way too connected and rational of thought at times, so put it down to just not giving a fxck to be truthful.


Fast forward to my late teens early twenties (Around the time the pic above was taken) That same not giving a fxck attitude existed. I had a few jobs, some part-time, some full time, had been arrested a few times throughout the years but never got charged so my record was pretty much good. I had been in a few close relationships that, break down as they do around that age and my giving a fxck threshold was at an all time low.

It was then, with no job and no saving grace in my life (other than a rap career i was focused on) i started dabbling in selling drugs. It started with some weed, grab a half a quarter, flip it, grab a quarter, flip it grab a half, flip it grab an ounce. To be honest i was smoking the stuff so much that i ended up just selling to maintain the habit and profit was next to nothing at that point. Then through music i got involved with some more serious people. I was beginning to be around the people who hit the clubs with a cigarette box full of coke wraps.


So every weekend, Friday and Saturday we would be in the clubs, rubbing noses at people, if they nodded it was done, £50 up (around $72). Of course with that reputation many things increased, respect, attention from the ladies and the list goes on but most importantly, eyes increased. With that increased attention others dudes would flex, barges walking past, dirty looks and at that point i felt invincible not to mention i had a whole bunch of dangerous people with me so i would just swing on people for the most minor stuff. I ended up being banned from almost every club along the strip where the people with money went, bouncers would point me out “don’t let him in, he’ll punch someone”.  Club owners would come to the front door and tell me i’ll never ever get back in there in my life. I was reckless, i was out of control and charged up off my own ego.

One night after being kicked out of the last club i’ve ever been to in my City i decided to walk home, i should have got a cab but i was full of energy so decided to walk the 30 minute walk by myself. On the way i was attacked and ended up having the left side of my face broken. Karma i guess. Now i thought i was ruthless, the person i got into it with was far more that than i was and didn’t live far away from me. So for the next few days i had people tell me he was in a car for full of people asking around for me.


I thought to myself, this dude already broke my face? What have i got myself into! So i found his number, called him told him once my face was healed we would have a fair one, i had been fighting all my life i had no problem having another one i just needed time for my face to heal. However he said he would continue looking for me with his people and didn’t care about my face (Naturally – he broke it in the first place lol)

So i went to my people to talk about what we can do about this but they didn’t want any part of it. So i knew i was alone on this and after some thinking i decided, i was out, i wasn’t doing this anymore. So i decided to focus on my rap career, which lasted all of 3 months before i got sick of it and decided to get into production.

After a few weeks of stay up two days producing > nap stay up two days > nap. I decided to look into selling these beats, found some information and started to apply everything i’ve learned in life about people, sales and manoeuvring. I was selling in no time, which was crazy because there were producers that had been making beats for 10+ years who had yet to sell their first, there i was completely green to making beats hitting best newcomer in the whole world on beat selling websites, 3 times! I guess making beats doesn’t teach you how to sell them, my whole life before this point was selling things to people they were sketchy about buying.

I began to create videos to teach people how i was selling things, teaching people about mindset and psychology and discovered that i loved doing that far more than i loved making beats. I still make beats to this day but i cant change someones life with a beat like i can speaking directly to their soul. These videos evolved into products, email marketing, social media marketing, services and i began raking in a nice income just off doing things i loved to do – from home.

I’ve travelled to Orlando from this, i’m heading to Miami in June, truthfully i could have been to so many places in this time i’ve just been looking for reasons to travel to specific places as i’ve become very efficient with my time and how i utilise as a habit of building up an online brand and business. The beauty of it is that i was NEVER supposed to live this life.


That kid that punching people in the face because of a face they made, selling cocaine in toilets of bars, dodging an inevitable prison sentence did it. He got out of that life and he became someone who changes lives for the better, while creating a generous income and teaching others how to?

So tell me…Whats stopping you?
BTW i have a video just underneath that compliments this post and explains the story in a different way. Enjoy and make sure to subscribe to the channel.

Oh and one more thing please share my story, theres people out there just like i was that are about to find themselves dead or in jail, that doesn’t need to happen, maybe this post can save them.

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