Unsuccessful People Wont Admit This Crucial Fact

Unsuccessful People Wont Admit This Crucial Fact

In my journey of success i’ve studied many people. Millionaires, Billionaires, Six Figure Earners even people who aren’t rich monetarily but have all the things they ever wanted and enough to live. One thing i noticed especially in their earlier videos is their relationship with fear and how different it was to both me when i was struggling to get by and others that haven’t embraced the success they can be.

See the average person’s ego is one which cannot admit fear, it’s always something else. Lack of finances, the way their life is set up, their family, their job, i could go on forever. However all of these things are derivates from the one thing they wont admit to; they are afraid.

Now the difference between the average unsuccessful persons relationship with fear and the successful persons relationship with fear is simple. Successful people admitted to themselves they were afraid, but they let their want for what they want in life outweigh their fear. They had faith that fear would not break them, they trusted themselves. Do You Trust Yourself?

I learned that it’s OK to be afraid, in fact if you are not afraid, you probably open yourself up to more failure, because there will be times that require you to pace yourself, pay attention and set up a back up plan for a particular scenario. Without fear sometimes we will run in blind. I’m somewhat of an advocate with putting the key in the engine and going but i also know theres no sense risking the vehicle taking on a 20 metre jump over a broken bridge when i can just figure out a detour to the same place (A la Road Trip)


Accept your fear, fear does not make you weak, giving into your fear is weak. Use your fear as a weapon, use the fact that you don’t want to be afraid any more as fuel for overcoming what is causing it. You already know the only way to get rid of a fear is to face it full on and you will start to question why you feared it in the first place.

Do you have any techniques for dealing with your fears?
Would love to get your input in the comment section below!

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