The Key To Social Media (For Developing Brands)

The Key To Social Media

Recently I learned the key to Social Media. It wasn’t anything I found by searching for. In fact it’s something I learned by being backed into a corner. What corner was i backed into? I recently had to put my Macbook Pro in for repair through insurance.

If you’re familiar with insurance claims then you know it’s a lot of back and forth. Blame shifting etc until you get the result you are looking for. Being without my Macbook meant that I was very limited in what i could do online as far as pushing my brand forward.

I was unable to produce music, unable to use my DSLR camera, unable to use photoshop, unable to access a decent version of WordPress in order to write a blog post the way I like to. Long story short, all I had to communicate with the world was my Samsung s6.

Through this, I learned the key to social media.

What Is The Key To Social Media?

Prior to this situation I believed content was the key. Content is most definitely a crucial brick to laying the foundation of your brand however it’s not the real key.

I made considerable amounts of progress without the high quality content I was dropping pretty much everyday before.

What’s the real key to social media?

Relationship building.

It’s not always how many people you have watching you. It’s how many of those people that reach out and talk to you, how many of those people you reach out and talk to. After all, what use is views?

Views don’t create traction, likes, comments and shares create traction on social media.

  • What use is 1000 views, when only 2 people acknowledged it?
  • What use is 1000 views if they’re the same people who always see it?
  • What use is 1000 views if we didn’t get any subscribers?
  • What use is 1000 views if nobody bought our latest product?
  • What use is 1000 views if nobody felt moved enough to show us love?

Using The Key To Social Media

See only having my phone, restricted me to social media. Even without my content creating facilities I was able to grow my brand and reach out even further. This was done by creating conversation with people who were showing interest.

I began taking a note of people who’s names kept appearing in my notifications that I had never spoken to. Then i worked through that list to reach out and thank them as well as extend my helping hand should they need anything from me.

I also began creating videos on my Samsung s6. Now of course they lacked the production qualities of other videos I made when I had my macbook. I knew I had to take a different approach if i wanted these videos to stand out.

Building Relationships With Content

What I did was start framing videos like I knew who I was talking to personally. Taking a stance of a fan of their music who was disappointed with them. I never broke character once during the video and use what I knew about marketing and psychology to hit triggers I knew artists need to hear.

Facebook was a place where my highest viewed video was just over 5000, this new video however has recently hit 20k with a ton of engagement as you can see below. You can also click the picture to watch the video!

The Key To Social Media

It taught me a huge lesson. Our social media needs to be about our people.
Often we get caught in our own ego’s, we want to talk about how great our lives are, how special we are. When really we need to be using our social media as a tool to connect with others and give them what they want and need.

People visit our pages more often when they know they can benefit from it. Whether they learn something, find something out or we help them through something. So when we do create content, let’s focus on others. Let’s create content that builds a relationship with the viewer.

This effect is further double downed when we reach out to individuals and build that relationship directly as well.

Another lesson I want to share with you before we wrap this post up is how to pull a positive from a negative. Whilst there were many downsides to being without my Macbook, there was a silver lining in learning how to use social media better. Every negative has a positive, you need only seek it.

The Key To Social Media

The key to social media is building relationships. Like I always say, the clue is in the name – Social Media. So next time you’re on Facebook or any other social media and you start feeling to feed your ego and glorify yourself. Take a second to think of how much better it might be to reach out to someone and compliment them, or to post something to inspire them.

The more people who know you…the faster your brand will grow.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you took a lot of value from it.
I also hope you appreciate it enough to share it for me? It definitely helps!
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