How To Show People How Great You Are

How To Show People How Great You Are

Greatness. I’m sure like most people, you want to show people how great you are, right?

Greatness is infectious. When we witness it, we take some of that energy for ourselves as inspiration, motivation and sometimes practical use. We all want greatness, perhaps for different reasons but nonetheless we desire to be great.

I created this video and when you watch it, I feel like you will understand what it takes to be truly great.

Show People How Great You Are

Talking Greatness

One thing I really want to stick with on in this article is the talking part. Often we’re so afraid people won’t see our greatness, that we have to announce it. We have to remind them constantly. We have to make a song and dance about it. When truth be told, greatness speaks for its self. If we spent all that time and energy on being great as opposed to convincing people we are, that’s when we are truly our greatest selves.

When Your Greatness Plateaus

In our journey of greatness we often start out in a great way. In the sense that we put passion into everything, we strive for better, for more, for greater. Then when we achieve things and find ourselves in a comfortable position or at least a position better than where we came from.

This tends to be a time where we let off the gas a little and in some cases we let our ego get to us because we’ve achieved something. It’s easy to operate from what we did and what we know instead of keep the fire burning from our greatness. The greatness that wants to learn more, do bigger, do better.

So How Do I Show People How Great I Am?

Never let it die. Every idea you execute comes from a place of greatness. The want, the need, the desire to be great. Just don;t get lost along the way, keep the passion alive, don’t get comfortable. Never find yourself in a place where you think you’re doing enough, there is always more to do, always. 

Let your actions lead when it comes to showing the world how great you are. Your talk may temporarily convince someone but it’s your actions that solidify the fact.

Be Great!

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