Personal Development 101


Personal Development 101

Personal Development, also known as Self Development is your gateway to progression in your life. Personal development is the constant journey of developing as a human being on every level you can think of. It’s consciously making the effort to improve. This could be financially, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

A person who embarks on a self development mission is going to come across these things. The knowledge, the wisdom and the opportunities needed to continually improve their situation in life. Many look for an exterior fix such as how to do things but the real core of your growth is understanding why. I have put together this video below to explain in more detail. I will also be sharing with you some of my favourite books. These books have moulded me into being a better version of myself.

Self Development

Personal Development Book 1

The first book i want to share with you is the one that unlocked me. Napoleon Hill – Outwitting The Devil. In this book Napoleon engages in a fictional conversation with the devil, an interview almost. The concept is that The Devil has somehow been bound in conversation in which he must answer every question truthfully. The metaphor of the Devil may scare some, especially if you are someone who is actively religious and equally those who don’t believe in Religion.

However if you treat the Devil as a metaphor for ‘life trying to ruin you’ you can bypass that imagery and understand the principle behind the book. Which is that the ‘Devil’ wins when people don;t shine and become their greatest selves and settle for being drifters. Achieving nothing in life. A classic read for anybody looking to unlock their inhibitions and develop themselves.

I have made it easy for you to purchase this book right now for less than $10. The value of this book is worth hundreds, i would definitely go right ahead and purchase it with no delay!

Personal Development Book 2

Another book that changed my life is Robert Greene – Mastery. This book is for somebody who wants to understand their mind. It’s focus is why. This book explains in a very efficient way why we must master our minds and how to do so. Prevalent also in this book is the idea of apprenticeship eventually leading to surpassing your master. This book changed my life.

Again i have provided you an easy way to purchase this book immediately by clicking above!

Personal Development Book 3

A book that is centred around personal philosophies and a closer look at the greats. Will Durant – The Greatest Minds And Ideas Of All Time. This book takes an in-depth look at some of the greatest minds of our time. Examples include Plato, Aristotle And Isaac Newton. It explains concisely yet in detail the way they saw the world. Sparking philosophical growth in all those who read it.

I’d definitely recommend adding this book to your collection immediately!

Personal Development Book 4

Book number 4 is the book that changed me in one of the biggest ways possible. That book is called The 50th Law. Another entry from Robert Greene although this time co-wrote by 50 Cent. However recently i dedicated an entire post to that book so i invite you to check it out by clicking this link: Are You Afraid Of Realism?

Self Development

Self Development as you can tell is something thats very important to me. I believe it should be just as important to you also if you wish for growth in your life. The books recommended in this post will change your life. So i encourage you to go ahead and buy those, read them and digest the information. Remember reading books doesn’t make you better, applying the information and making changes from what you learn makes you better.

Drop a comment below if you would like me to recommend some more books, or of course if you would like to suggest any!

Personal Development

The truth, the whole truth & nothing less – It’s Ess.

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