How To Overcome Emotional Dependancy

How To Overcome Emotional Dependancy

Emotional Dependancy is dangerous for a persons state of being. If you are not independent with your emotions, people will be able to control you. Sometimes you won’t even realise its happening.

What is Emotional Independence?

Emotional Independence is being responsible for the way you feel at all times and not letting another have any kind of input in that no matter how hard it may be sometimes.

Emotional Dependency

Let’s say you wake up this morning in a great mood, you have a positive outlook and you start planning out your day to be productive. In the midst of this process you realise your love interest didn’t text you back last night and you start to feel unwanted. You check your youtube and someone left a negative comment about your work. You start to feel like you’re not good at what you do.

As a result of this the rest of your day is spent in self doubt and you’re unable to put everything you have to offer.

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Emotional Dependancy

Emotional Dependancy is killing your energy. If this world was a friendlier, more positive place. It wouldn’t hurt you so much. The fact is that the majority of people you meet will have a problem with your success. This means you have to protect yourself by becoming Emotionally Independent.

You must eliminate everything that comes between you and your most productive zone. The key to this will be working on your personal development. You can check this post to get started on: Personal Development 101

And we mustn’t forget to work on our self confidence also, which will bring us above the opinions of others:
How To Have Self Confidence

I hope this blog post has helped, if you have any of your own tips on Emotional Dependancy.

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