How To Find Yourself (Stop Being Lost In Life)

How To Find Yourself

How To Find Yourself

Do you feel Lost In Life? You are not alone in that feeling. In fact I don’t think i’ve ever been so aware of so many people feeling lost in life.

It’s not only people telling me so. You can feel how many people are lost by the number you see living in indecision. One minute they want to be this, one minute they want to be that. One minute they’re happy, the next they are chronically depressed. These signs are sure signs of someone being lost in life. So let’s talk about How To Find Yourself

Why are people feeling this way though? I think it’s down to many different reasons, some of which i’m going to break down in this blog post.

‘Perfect Lives’

Why People Are So Lost In LifeWhen social media first came around. We communicated our life as it was. This was long before the giant popularity contest. Now it’s all about making sure people think we’re successful, happy or something else we might not actually be. We even resort to filters and apps to change our faces so we look prettier/more handsome than we actually are. All because we want other to perceive us as relevant.

What we need to remember is if we, are doing things like this. You can bet that theres millions of others doing the same. The last time I checked there were more people struggling in this world than successful people. So why does it seem like everybody is successful online? People are lying/exaggerating.

Don’t feel the pressure to have to be anything other than yourself because you feel like people won’t see you as a factor otherwise. It’s refreshing to see grounded people who are happy in their own skin. Don’t compete with others, just be the best you.

Too Much Information


Why People Are So Lost In Life

Who would ever say having too much knowledge is a bad thing? The reason why I say there is too much information is that there is so much that contradicts others. With so many sources and everybody having a platform to speak online. It’s easy to get caught up in too much information.

One person is telling you that you must be this way to succeed, another says you have to be that way.

So which way do you have to be to succeed?

Just be careful of the information you take in. If you see two contradicting sources just go with your intuition as to which works. The best way to figure that out is to try both and see what works better for you personally. Always try to apply what you’re learning and leave space to learn more once you’re done with that.

Try not to cloud yourself with too many things to learn at one time. Take your time.

Not Following Intuition


How To Find Yourself

Our Intuition or Gut Feeling is our built in life navigation system. Somewhere along the line, whether it be down to the media, making mistakes or self doubt, we stopped listening.

Our intuition is constantly on. Constantly letting us know when we’re slacking. Always letting us know when we’re onto something great. When we’re around bad people, our intuition lets us know. If we’re in danger, it’s screaming at us. When our partner is behaving strangely, it alerts us immediately.

The thing is, it tells us the absolute truth. Sometimes the absolute truth is something we don’t want to accept as it’s not as pleasant as the lie we tell ourselves.

That lie is going to take us away from who we are, it’s going to make us blind to the reality of our situations, further and further separating us from us.

In fact I made a video on this exact topic where I go into more detail that i’m sure you would appreciate, make sure to subscribe to the channel!

How To Find Yourself

To all those reading this who are wondering How To Find Yourself. I would like to give you this closing advice. There is no need to find yourself, you are in there. You don’t have to travel the world to find you, or do anything out of the ordinary.  You just need to listen to you. The inner you, minus the influence of everybody and everything else. Pay attention to how you feel, stay aware of your intuition.

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