How To Be A Leader (And Get Followers)

How To Be A Leader

How To Be A Leader

Do you want to know How To Be A Leader?

The leader, the Alpha of the group. A leader is the person everybody looks to when all else fails. The person who leads the way. The person who gets the job done.

How To Be A Leader

Being a leader comes with great responsibility. It means the buck stops with you, that you are in the line of fire upon failure. You might be thinking, is it even worth it to learn How To Be A Leader?

What’s one thing that comes with being a leader? Followers.
Whats a massive part of building your brand on social media?
A Following.

I created this video below about leadership qualities that I believe will benefit you greatly.
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How To Be A Leader

Not everybody is up to the challenge of being a leader. Thats completely OK. The benefits may not be worth the detriments of being a leader to you. It is just going to be very difficult for you to build any kind of substantial following online without being a leader.

However, a leader doesn’t necessarily need to be the daring, sword wielding, commander.

Leaders come in many forms. I’m going to give you three examples.

Spiritual Leaders

How To Be A Leader

A spiritual leader is someone who shows others the way to enlightenment. With so many people in the world who feel lost in current times. Spiritual leaders are people who have navigated their way through the chaos and now help others to do so. They come in many forms, from ex heroin addicts to church pastors. Whether its through social media, updates or other avenues they are taking responsibility for the lack of knowledge when it comes to spirituality and helping others come to terms with it.

Motivational Leaders

How To Be A Leader

A motivational leader is someone who leads the way for others to empower themselves. These people create content and post updates that break down obstacles for others to overcome. They have taken responsibility for the lack of self belief in the world and decided to leader others towards believing in themselves again. People who are stuck in life look to these people for the way to get back up.

Financial Leaders

How To Be A LeaderA financial leader is someone well versed in economics that leads others towards financial freedom. It’s no secret that many in the world have fallen on hard times. A financial leader usually creates content and gives out advice to help people turn their situation around and get out of a crunch. Often around to answer questions people have about their finances. They have taken responsibility for the economic crisis and are doing their part to repair it.

Now of course there are many ways you can be a leader. You don’t have to be a Jon Snow or a Leonidas, you don;t have to lead an army into battle against an enemy horde. You just have to take responsibility for a problem and have a purpose to help others solve it.

The important part, is pushing the bar forward and knocking down whats in front of you so you can advise other people how to do the same thing, whether it be through explanation or letting them see what you’re doing.

If you want followers, you need to be a leader. When you are truly a leader, followers will come.

That’s How To Be A Leader.

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