How To Win In Life (Guaranteed Results!)

How To Win In life

How To Win In Life

Everybody wants to know How To Win In Life. It’s a given, right? I haven’t met a person yet who is actively trying to lose.  Everybody is trying to win, but it seems as though everybody is losing. There must be something fundamentally wrong about how we’re going about achieving the win.

I have the answer…

Now before I share this answer with you, I want you to understand that I only have this answer because I was the same person once. The person who was always losing but not through lack of trying to win. The real issue that people who are always losing need to confront is their attitude towards success and long term vision.

I recently made a video to this topic, as I know many of you enjoy watching my videos as well as reading my posts. You can find the video below.

Why Most People Don’t Know How To Win In Life

How To Win At LifeSee the attitude most people have towards their success is desperate. Always playing catch up. Always one step behind. This is because their desire for success is blocking their logic and common sense. What often happens is that a person will want the success so badly that they will rush and whilst rushing will make many mistakes that they don’t learn from.

There are so many ‘overnight’ success stories out there that has many people deluded. The truth is, an overnight success is usually not actually one. It’s usually someone who had been working hard for a long time that only recently got publicity for it. This is dangerous because it makes many feel like all they need is an idea and some eyes and as such make rash decisions and sink money into things that in all likelihood will not pay off.

How To Win In Life

Whilst we should definitely be operating in the now we must also understand that the odds are stacked extremely against us to also get the reward in that moment. I’m not saying that you wont make a move and see the reward in the moment at all.

My logic is that we can play that odds against us, higher risk than reward game OR we can strategise on a long term vision. We can make our strategy so on point that it cannot fail. We can take our time making connections, learning and laying bricks to our foundation.

Developing The Strategy To Win In Life

So what goes in to building this ‘guaranteed success strategy’?

Whilst I can’t give you a direct strategy for a variety of reasons, such as there being no ‘one size fits all’ and saving some of my best stuff for my coaching clients. I can ask you some questions that might trigger some ideas to help you build your own.

How To Win In life

Can you build with 5 new people everyday?
Could you start creating content using keywords people will always search for?
Can you do that consistently?
Could you build an email follow up system?
Can you start putting money aside for PPC ads?
Could you connect with other brand owners?
Can you work on building social media engagement?
Could you study new marketing principles and ideas everyday?

Now I could reel these questions off all day but the main point of this blog post is to get you to start thinking on a long term basis. Yes opportunities will show up along the way and you will have to use your best judgement on which ones are worth it or not. Your job though, is to stick this out for the long term.

Stop rushing, it’s leading to more mistakes than you need to make. It’s leading you to make poor decisions based off poor judgement. This is not a race, this is a marathon. Everybody who finishes wins. So stay on track and reach the finish.

Thank you for reading. I hope you can put these ideas to work and start making that progress you’re looking for. If this post was beneficial to you, please do share with your friends!

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