How To Share Results (Without Being A Dick About It)

How To Share Results

How To Share Results (Without Being A Dick About It)

To advance your position in any industry you must learn How To Share Results, whether it be music, blogging, network marketing or anything else. The problem is that there is a fine line between leveraging your results into getting more results and showing off and unfortunately while people who understand the concept of leverage in marketing, those with less knowledge on the subject will automatically see you as a show off. So i’ve created this blog post to teach you How To Share Results in a way where you don’t come across boastful.

This really begins with understanding those who don’t understand what leverage is. Many people will take you broadcasting your results as showing off. This often spawns from a place of lack of satisfaction in their own lives and in an ideal world we would say who cares what they think! However while there is an option to be a little more political and keep more people interested and switched on we should definitely take that. Forget pride this is all about results.

How To Share Results (Without Being A Dick About It)

I want to give you an example of how being braggadocios can hurt your brand, are you familiar with someone who goes by Delorean on Facebook? Here’s a little backstory, he was with a network marketing company and built his page up to over a couple of million followers off the back of sharing viral videos. Once he got there and started making some money from his company he then proceeded to post all the expensive stuff he buys, making videos showing off his money and downtalk on people who didn’t have money and allegedly never helps out the people who sign up under him in the network marketing company.

Now while he is no doubt making some money and has a huge platform on social media, he faces a huge barrage of abuse all day and every day. Some may be in the school of thought ‘fxck the haters it’s all about the money’ and while it’s not my way i cant be mad at it.

I’m just thinking about all the people who visit his page and could possibly invest with him in the future have to see a bunch of negative comments and people saying he scammed them before making their decision. Me personally, i don’t like to leave any money on the table and i’ve seen people get bigger than him while receiving nothing but love on their pages.

Now he has definitely built a bigger platform than me to give him the credit due and i have no personal problem with Delorean. I wont buy fully into either side of the argument, i just felt he was the perfect example of showing off as opposed to leveraging results. 

How To Share Results

On the other side of things you look at someone like Nino Brown. You might see him counting money in his videos but 9/10 you can just see he has money from the clothes he wears and the environments he is in. In pictures with real celebrities and superstars. He never feels the need to show off to his audience and all of his videos are full of solid gold game, motivational, inspirational and while he may be making money from these videos he is providing a lot of free game, knowledge and ideas or you can even look at someone like Tyrese Gibson who does something similar.

There is a clear difference in how these two operate and how Delorean operates and if you check all of their links it will not take you long to notice how much love the other two get. While they are all making serious money the other two seem to be a lot more fulfilled in their lives. Just based from the outside looking in.

How To Share Results (Without Being A Dick About It)

I’ve learned that when it comes to sharing your results it’s best to talk about the things you have created, the things you have done rather than the reward you got from it. This week i had one of my best weeks in sales, instead of talking about the money i made, i chose to put the spotlight on the people who invested and the changes they’re going to be implementing in their lives. I then took a screenshot of one of them telling me how much they loved the product and how much it’s helping and leveraged that on my social media. That led to another sale within 30 minutes.

Would i have got that sale if i took to social media and told everybody how much money i made and about how i’m the shit?

Or would my friends list say what a dick/show off?

I’d put money on it that it would be the latter.

Share your wins with the world by all means but include who made that possible, tell them about the work, tell them about the contrast of your lifestyle before and after, tell them about the others you’ve built up and the lives you’ve changed.

I would never recommend bragging on your money, thats only going to build a resentment that doesn’t need to be created in the first place. Depending on where you’re from you know all about what happens to the guy in the neighbourhood acting like they’re too good for you since they got money. Especially if they’re not providing opportunities or giving people the steps to take to do the same.

How To Share Results – Without Being A Dick About It

Have you ever had any interaction with the people mentioned in this post or an opinion on them?
Feel free to drop a comment below and let me know!

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