Why Your Problems Never Go Away

Why Your Problems Never Go Away

How Do I Get Rid Of My Problems? We all have problems. I have problems. You have problems. She has problems. He has problems. Everybody has problems but when do our problems just become a normal part of our lives?

What I mean by that for example is, if I have a problem talking to people and I do nothing about it then one day it will go from me having a problem talking to people to not talking to people and not having a problem with it.

Accepting my problem as part of me instead of accepting that I can and actually will overcome it, is my submission to that problem.

Now it’s all good that i’m pointing out this problem, but where does the solution lie?

How Do I Get Rid Of My Problems?

How Do I Get Rid Of My Problems?

I think it’s best to start in the middle of the chaos.

We all know we have problems, we all know we have a lot of them, we all know it’s as simple as solving them yet we don’t why?

Truthfully, I believe we spend our lives biting off more than we can actually chew. We have more than one problem at all times, problems breed more problems and solutions breed new problems.

How To Get Rid Of My Problems

What most people do is try to tackle all their problems at the same time. They spread themselves too thinly and cannot give enough energy individually that is required to clear them off the table.

If I have 3 debts of $500 each and can only afford 30 dollars a week to go towards them and I try to pay them all off $10 each a week. It will take me 50 weeks to be able to pay that off.

What about interest though?

If it takes me 50 weeks to pay off all three then i’m getting three lots of interest. If I pick one and pay off 30, it will be cleared off in 16 weeks. Then i’m only dealing with two lots of interest to repeat the process for each debt.

Both ways take the same amount of time, but I will accrue less interest in eliminating the individual problems in a shorter time.

The Metaphor Explained

Let’s say the interest in our case is the problems we incur from not solving the other problem fast enough. If we take our time to solve one problem at a time in the most efficient way possible, we can give everything we can spare to getting a problem out of the way. Thus alleviating the pressure somewhat that we held ourselves under by trying to tackle everything at once.

Get Rid Of My ProblemsIf you try to jump up the mountain you wont get up it but if you take your time to scale the mountain, patiently and efficiently we will get there. Let’s not look at the whole mountain and overwhelm ourselves, the mountain is a series of steps, just like if you were to walk to another city for example.

If someone said you had to walk from this City to the next City, while yes it would be uncomfortable we would have confidence we could do it.

Why? That journey must be one step at a time, we cant see our whole destination we just have to take it as it comes. When we climb a mountain and we look from the bottom up, we don;t think of it as an amount of steps, or a certain amount of distance we have to cover, we just say OMG A MOUNTAIN.

The Take Away

What I hope you can take away from this post is a few things.

  • You will never be free of problems but life is easier when you solve them.
  • Every problem has a practical solution
  • Deal with each problem individually and don’t spread yourself thinly.
  • Don’t look at how big the problem is, look at what you have to do to solve it.Hopefully next time you ask yourself:

    How Do I Get Rid Of My Problems?

    You can use these ideas to get through them effectively.

    If this post helped you, please help another by sharing it with your friends. Like I said earlier in the post, everybody has problems!

    Comment below any problems you are having difficulties with or have gotten through the other side of!




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