3 Overlooked Ways To Get People To See Your Vision

How To Get People To See Your Vision

How To Get People To See Your Vision

Im sure you wonder how you’re going to Get People To See Your Vision. We all have a vision. The problem is that we aren’t all that great at communicating it most of the time. We expect other people to just ‘get it’ but we must understand we are operating with self bias. Our bias exists because we know what the finished picture looks like and even though we’re not quite there, it’s how we see it. Others are looking at something half built.

I actually break this down with an interesting metaphor in the video below, make sure to subscribe to the channel for more intriguing content.

3 Overlooked Ways To Get People To See Your Vision

Instead of forcing our vision on people and demanding the understand it with the little they know of it. We need to make an active effort to make our vision more understandable. I’ve decided to share with three different ways you can get more people to see your vision.

Work On Your Communication

How To Get People To See Your Vision

Of course explaining things warrants communicative skills. When i say work on your communication it’s going to be a lot more complex than learning to talk more cohesively although thats part of it. On an individual basis, you are going to need to get better at reading people. How does this individual think? What cues and ideas do they respond to? Will a metaphor work? Will they need you to take a more logical approach?

Often we are talking to people the wrong way. Understand individuals is a key not only to communicating your vision but also to general life and business. Just like you may learn visually as opposed to someone who learns through repetition. Your approach needs to be adapted to the individual.

Show Them With Action

How To Get People To See Your Vision

Now let’s say i’m building a gun to fight aliens. Is he serious right now?

Me: So i’ve built a Galactic Techtronite Alien Being Vaporiser

Them: A what?

Me: A Galactic Techtronite Alien Being Vaporiser.

Them: I don’t get it?

Me: *shoots alien*

Them: Oh an Alien Gun.

Ridiculous example right? 

Sometimes we want to be so correct in explaining something that we speak in terms that people wouldn’t know of unless they did the same thing we do. This is automatically going to put them i na space where there is a lack of understanding. However if we show them what it is in action, where they can see what it is and what it does, it’s easier to explain the vision behind it.

Here’s More On Taking Action: How To Use Your Animal Instinct

Include Them

If you really want people to understand your vision then you could find ways to include them in your process. It could be them working on it with you or just them being present in the creative process. It’s not only hard to understand something we’re not a part of, we might not even want to understand if we’re not a part of it. This also leads to a side bar and somewhat of a bonus tip of doing things that encourage people want to understand. Sometimes we might be preaching to people who don’t want to hear the sermon.

Give people tasks or incentives to get involved with what you do. When they feel invested and part of something in most cases they will make the effort to understand it better.

It’s not easy to

Get People To See Your Vision

It’s important that we try to help them understand the best we can. We also must not forget that we may be talking to deaf ears because some people even if they did understand the vision, wouldn’t want to be a part of it. This is where understanding your audience will come into play.

I think this article will help you with that: Psychology: Why it’s Absolutely Necessary In Your Success

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