How To Get 5000 Youtube Subscribers


How To Get 5000 Youtube Subscribers

Wondering How To Get 5000 Youtube Subscribers?

I recently crossed over 5000 Subscribers on Youtube and as such have decided to put together this post to hopefully help you to be able to do the same thing.

This is not something you can achieve overnight and as such for those folks out here looking for a quick fix, you may as well save yourself the trouble of reading this. This is a long term strategy, that can potentially happen quickly but you have to be ready to grind for a few years if need be.

I made this video below so i could share with you a few tips on How To Get 5000 Youtube Subscribers. Make sure to subscribe by clicking here for more content where i’ll be teaching you some smart marketing and mindset concepts.

How To Get 5000 Youtube Subscribers

Getting more youtube subscribers can be difficult. It doesnt have to be difficult if you do it the smart way though. So i’m going to cover some of the main things i’ve done here to help you do it.
If you want to learn How To Get Youtube Subscribers keep reading!

Targeting Valuable Keywords

Targeting the right keywords has done wonders for my Youtube channel. Plotting ahead of myself I decided to put myself in front of the people who wanted what i have to offer already. I didn’t go around the internet seeing who would like it, putting it in front of anyone and everyone and maybe picking up subscribers. I know who wants what I have, I know why they want it, I know what they’re looking for.

The people who found me were already looking for me, maybe not me specifically, but i’m who they found who had what they needed.

I put myself in their shoes, “if I was looking for information to get my music career/marketing strategies what would I be typing into Youtube to find it?”

How To Get 5000 Youtube Subscribers

As you can see, other than the paid adverts above me, in all 3 of these screenshots my videos are number one for solid keywords. How To Promote My Music, How To Get My Name Out There & How To Get People To Listen To My Music. 

Everyday hundreds, sometimes thousands of people are looking for these keywords. These are only 3 examples, I have dozens more. they are helping to provide traffic to my youtube channel everyday on autopilot. Manual promotion is a bonus for me, not a necessity.

Find out what your audience is looking for and become that result. It wont guarantee subscribers because your content has to be solid but it will provide traffic. Traffic + great content = subscribers.

Channel Branding

You have to look the part. That means you need to have a professionally made avatar as well as channel banner. This is going to give people a good impression of your channel. Without those things you look like you might just throw videos together and as such many people just will not click on your stuff. Not saying that you wont be able to get subscribers without them but you will definitely get more people willing to check you out with them.

How to get 5000 youtube subscribers

How to get 5000 youtube subscribers

Community Interaction

A lot of my subscribers have come from interacting out in the community. Not so much reaching out to other Youtubers (although you may benefit from doing so). Instead i make sure to leave a trail everywhere i go, if i watch a video i comment on it. As i have the channel branding when people instantly notice my avatar, when they hover over it, they see a professional Youtube. This means that when i get top comments I get a lot of youtube traffic out of curiosity.

Here are two examples:

How To Get 5000 Youtube Subscribers

In the first example i show you how striking my avatar is. In that one i’m just participating in a roast. All the other comments were similar in the sense they were dissing the guy in the video, i took my shot and the comment went top.

how to get 5000 youtube subscribers

In this example i made an observation on what i was listening to i na way i know that fans of 50 Cent would relate. I also show you what it looks like when you hover over my comment with your mouse, looks professional right? Interesting tagline that intrigues people to click.

I also have plenty more top comments on other videos. Make an effort to leave a trail wherever you go on youtube You never know who might click your channel name from your comments and follow through to you.

Promote The Smart Link

Now when most people promote their channel i notice that they use their standard channel link. Promoting your channel link is fine but theres a cool way that you can promote your link and get more subscribers. Which i’ll show you below.

As you can see above, that is my normal channel link besides one small difference

Adding that to your channel url before copying and pasting will bring the recipient to your channels front page but hits them with a pop up subscribe button to prompt them to subscribe as opposed to the normal link where they might click a video and get distracted first.

How Did I Find It?

I discovered this trick when i was creating annotations for my videos. What I did was creating click to subscribe buttons on my videos and noticed the link they implemented was slightly different, upon noticing this i began to start promoting with that link instead and was getting a much higher subscribers rate.

As a sidebar, make sure to put annotations on your videos encouraging people to subscribe, sometimes people need the prompt, also make sure to mention in the video its self that they should subscribe.

Quality & Consistency

How to get 5000 youtube subscribers

How to get 5000 youtube subscribers

In peoples quest of how to get youtube subscribers they often neglect the simple facts that if you want subscribers you need to have quality and consistency. Im often asked to subscribe to youtube channels where there has been no effort made to be consistent or to provide some great quality.

Visual and audio quality are important but you can still get subscribers if the content you make is quality in a sense of great information or it’s very entertaining. If it lacks those qualities AND is poorly made you haven’t got a hope in hell of blowing up on youtube unless it’s through people abusing you and you becoming an inside joke. (Not worth it, even if you think it is)

It’s one thing to have great content and quality but it also has to be consistent. You cant upload a video once in a blue moon and expect a huge subscriber base. There has to be some kind of consistency for people to trust you as a creator, enough to subscribe to you.

Social Media

How to get 5000 youtube subscribers

How to get 5000 youtube subscribers

Social Media marketing is going to play a large part in getting your videos to spread and in turn, increase your subscriber count. It can be difficult to connect personally with people in youtube comment sections but on social media you can build solid relationships and direct more people to your channel.

Use your social media as a brand as opposed to being ‘ John Johnson’ sharing cat videos and moaning about having work today. Operate as someone who people should be excited to find out more about. Start building an authority on Social media in your brands niche.

Tech guy? Share the latest updates in tech, let people know your expertise in the field. 

Anime girl? Let people know what you thought about the new episodes you just caught up on.

Personify your youtube channel as you move around the internet. Start building a following that reflects someone of stature. People will take it upon themselves to investigate what you do and if you make it very easy for people to find your channel. They will.

How To Get 5000 Youtube Subscribers

Now these are only a handful of tips for anybody out there looking to get more youtube subscribers. I do believe that they are enough to get your start in your mission towards 5000. If you found this post helpful then I would most certainly appreciate your share.

It may seem daunting to get 5000 subscribers on youtube but with consistent effort and constant tweaking of strategies until you find what works you can get 5000 subs just like I did. Feel free to comment below and ask any questions, i’d be happy to answer them for you and help you get 5000 youtube subscribers of your own.



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