Building An Honest Brand

Building An Honest Brand

The nerve of this guy. Hasn’t posted on this blog in over a month. Mr Consistent my ass.

I assure you though i’ve been extremely active and I feel like the time away from this side of my brand, has done me the world of good. Also for all those interested I have several new articles over at

You may or may not know I just last week released my new email marketing product
A guide for artists and producers who don’t know where to start when it comes to email marketing.

You can get that here:

Enough of the self promotion though, I want to share with you some of the key things i’ve learned.

I guess the best place to start is explaining how lethargic I was feeling. I was so sick & tired of constantly uploading talking head videos. Truly you can find yourself hating this whole process if you don;t find ways to spice it up.

Whilst your brand is about other people first and foremost (or should be if you want people to give a shit), you also have to consider yourself and how you feel about what you’re doing. It’s all good making content people want to see but how effective is that content if you’re not inspired to make it?

I have over 700 videos where I pretty much sit in front of the camera and share lessons, strategies and ideas with my audience. I built my whole brand off the back of that, I still get people landing on videos I did 3 years ago, hitting me up to work with me or just thank me.

No matter how well i was doing in business and marketing it just didn’t feel right. I’m a funny guy, I know it’s kinda lame to say that but humour is one of my strong points and it’s something I need to express, so over the past few months i’ve been letting that side show some more.

Rebranding is easy if you know how to brand and market but my advice to people out there is to do you. 

I know, vague ass piece of advice, thanks for nothing right?

I wanna really talk to you here though. BE YOU. That means don’t feel like you have to be a certain way to make this happen. Whilst I preach professionalism, I mean it in a sense of handle your business, do your work, don’t complain and do what you have to do.

What i’m saying is that you need to show people the best facets of you personality. People really need to connect with you and if you’re putting out something thats not 100% you, you are going to find yourself frustrated because you are going to be surrounded by people who expect something from you that you don’t want to give.

A brand is like a promise and it’s impossible to deliver a worthy promise on something that isn’t built on honesty. It goes ways past running a brand online, just generally in life folks, be honest. I promise you that if you just start going around in life being honest about everything, firstly fake people stay away, they hate truth, they hate truthful people. Of course on the other end real people will love you.

This is not to say that anyone reading this might be fake i’m just saying, maybe, just maybe you’re playing it a little cool, maybe you’re a little shy to put yourself in your true form out there but i’m here to let you know that you can do it.

The important thing is enjoying this journey you’re on cause fuck not enjoying something you are dedicating all your time and energy in life towards. To enjoy this journey you need to be free, so let all that other shit go and be yourself.

Watch your business, your audience and your capabilities grow.

See you in another month!

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