5 Signs Your Friends Are Holding You Back In Life

5 Signs Your Friends Are Holding You Back In Life

Friends Holding You Back? Not all friends are good friends. This i’m sure we have all come to realise at some point in our lives. Most of the time we are friends with people based on geographic location. These are the people who live in the same places we live and as such we have become friends by default.

That’s not to say though that we can’t have great friends by default, however i feel like we need to re-define what a great friend is. For me, a great friend is someone who encourages and supports my growth in life. Not only for what they can get but for my own sake.

We often keep friends for reasons like; they might be funny, other people like them. It could be that they’re charismatic or that they like similar things to us. Which are all qualities we would like to have in friends but is it enough?

Often it’s not our enemies that hold us back in life, it is actually those we call friends. That’s why i’m writing this post 5 Signs Your Friends Are Holding You Back In Life. 

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This list may not be exactly what you’re expecting. This is not about friends that stab you in the back more so about people who’s light is so low that it drains from yours. So without further ado it’s about time we broke it own.

Friends Holding You Back

They Encourage Laziness

Friends Holding You Back

The main thing we tend to do with our friends is chill. Which is cool, we all need that downtime however if our friends always want to chill, this is a problem. Especially if we are someone who wants to get out in the world, meet new people, build connections, network and travel. In most cases those things are more beneficial with company. If our company doesn’t want to be there or won’t be there this is going to be detrimental to us.

Sometimes it’s even as bad as friends encouraging us to not do something productive because they want to just ‘chill’. This is a true sign of selfishness, they may not have the intention of holding you back in life but regardless they are doing it.

They Have No Ambition

Friends Holding You Back

Similar to the last point but different. Friends without ambition are not beneficial to a dream chaser. While you want to talk about your next move, a crazy idea you had or a book you read. They just want to talk about the game last night or something irrelevant. This is perfectly ok – for them.

The problem with being ambitious around people who aren’t is your efforts to push the conversation forward will be blocked. Subconsciously this will make us bring it up less often thus think and talk about it less. This is going to lower our vibration and over time our quality of ideas and conversation with lower with it.

It’s fair enough that they don’t want to talk about bigger things but somebody does, find them.

They Don’t Believe In You

Friends Holding You Back

Leading on from the last point. When you bring up your goals and dreams around them they might laugh or downplay it. They have the belief that everyday people like you and them don’t get to realise dreams because it’s not a phenomenon that we get to see first hand a lot.

This comes from lack of belief in themselves and if they believe they can’t make these dreams happen in their life. Theres no way you can. Remember, most people think that they are special. Anything you can do – they can do, anything they can’t – you can’t either.

Their lack of self-belief will manifest in subconsciously, or even consciously communicating that you are ‘never going to make that lil rap thing happen’ or ‘never be able to build a successful business’.

They Don’t Make Money

Friends Holding You Back

Don’t get me wrong here. Money doesn’t define a friendship or quality of a person.How often though have you wanted to go out and do something but your friend doesn’t have the money to do it? This is OK now and again but if it’s happening all the time you have to assess your situation.

Often we will either pay for the friend or just not go. These are both bad ideas because one we inconvenience ourselves and compromise our own opportunities by forking out money for a grown person who should be able to pay for themselves. Two if we don’t go we sacrifice opportunities and a good time, not because of our own inadequacy but through somebody else.

They Are Depressing

Friends Holding You Back

Poor me, my life sucks. Many of our friends try to turn everything into a pity party. Always sighing, frowning or generally being depressive. A culmination of some of the other points, these people with a lack of ambition. These lazy people who don’t believe in themselves are often very low energy. Energy so low even that they need yours to keep going.

Always needing something from you, always needing your validation. Never fully independent with their emotions they always need someone to re-assure them that they are not a loser when the reason they feel that way in the first place is because they’re a loser. Ironic really.

Friends Holding You Back

So that was 5 Signs Your Friends Holding You Back In Life. I want to clarify that there is no definitive rules to what makes a friend a friend. These are 5 things that i have noticed in friends that were holding me back in my own life. When i got rid of the people with these qualities my life completely transformed. I no longer had to accommodate other peoples inadequacies and negative thoughts. This gave me my time back to focus on me and others who want to be something in life.

Hey, it’s on you from here what you do but i hope this article can help you make some major decisions in your life concerning who is allowed to play a big part in it. Remember, you are the company you keep! Beware of Friends Holding You Back!

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